Hunters Creek Farm has been in the horse business for over 45 years. For the last 18 years they have been the exclusive North American distributor for ECC WCC horse carriages. In 2002 ECC (European Carriage Company) merged with another top European horse carriage manufacture, and the name ECC applies to all of those carriages sold in Europe. The same carriages in the USA are sold under the name of WCC (World Class Carriages).

We are very fortunate to have thee top carriage mechanics David Modlin, David Quist and David Mayas. A while back David Quist, one of the top carriage mechanics in the USA, gave an article called Carriage Maintenance 101. We will be adding more great articles on carriage repairs and care. These individuals can handle anything from the smallest repairs up to a complete museum quality restoration. For carriage parts and repairs feel free to contact us to arrange pick up, service and delivery.

We are adding new CDE areas of interest for the combined driving enthusiasts, pleasure drivers and commercial drivers. We hope you enjoy our new models, products and information we are going to share with you in this New Year. Please feel free to share with us your comments on combined driving, pleasure driving or commercial use.

If you would like to add a link to your driving club please send us a link. We are looking forward to sharing many of the product statements and testimonies sent to us with images from satisfied customers. As usual we are glad to hear comment pertaining to our carriages or website. We have a wide selection of new and used carriages for combined driving, competition, marathon, dressage, pleasure and commercial carriage needs. Also see some of the Driving Horses for sale.

Thank you,

Bob Cook

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