Exclusive Carriage - The Roof Seat Break


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A New Great Reason to purchase a WCC Carriage!

Warranty now extends to 2 full years on all carriage parts: covers defected or broken parts, 2 years from the purchase date of a new WCC Carriage.

New carriage listings coming soon. But please browse our carriage inventory for all the latest listings.

WCC carriages are sold in the United States, while ECC carriages are sold in Europe. However, WCC carriages are the same carriages as ECC carriages.

Please note that Hunter's Creek Farm is importing a small quantity of carriages from China at very reasonable prices. The majority of all our carriages are still WCC carriages imported from Poland.

New Arrivals!

The Whip The Liverpool

350 lbs., Pony, Single & Pair, Four-Wheel Front & Rear Disc Brakes, 18" Stainless Pneumatic Wheels


320 lbs., Pony or Horse, Single & Pair, 18" Stainless Pneumatic Wheels, Rear Brakes, Optional Wedge


The Singletree The Buxton

475 lbs., Pony or Horse, Single & Pair, Four-Wheel Front & Rear Disc Brakes, 23" Pneumatic Wheels


830 lbs., Horse Pair, 23" two-tone Pneumatic Wheels, Four-Wheel Front & Rear Disc Brakes


The Trotter Training Cart

For Horses & Large Ponies, 550 lbs. Single & Pair, Front & Rear Brakes, 23" Pneumatic Wheels. (70cm hard rubber wheels option +$1,200)


200 lbs., Pony or Horse, Single, 18" Stainless Pneumatic Wheels, Brakes, Adjustable Shafts