Special Carriage Sale!

WCC - FEI Single Horse Spyder Phaeton

WCC - FEI Single Horse Spyder Phaeton Black, ivory pinstriping, black upholstery, natural wood fenders, dash, spares drawer, front and rear brake, fifth wheel brake, hand brake.

PRICE: $10,000.00

WCC Mustang Wagonette

The WCC Mustang six passenger wagonette, 1 blue and 1 green in stock.

PRICE: $6,500.00

The Weg

FEI Pair Weight: 350 KG - 800 Lbs. * Dimensions: 2.2 CM x 1.25 x 1.66 CM * Standard Front & Rear Brakes * Single & Pair, seats 4-6 * Choice of Pneumatic or Rubber on Steel Wheels * Adjustable Pole-Shafts and Wedge * !!!!CLOSE OUT SPECIAL!!!! ONLY ONE LEFT @ $5,500.00 USD

PRICE: $4,900.00

WCC Deluxe Two-Wheel Gig

WCC Deluxe Two-wheel Gig, FEI track, black wheels, red pinstripping, black upholstery, natural wood fenders and dash. Regular price: $8995. CLOSEOUT PRICE @ $6,250.00!!!

PRICE: $4,900.00